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You know you’re doing something right when The Doyenne of Death® herself gives you the seal of approval.

That’s exactly what happened at the 2017 ICCFA Convention & Expo, when funeral planning expert Gail Rubin stopped by the Everdays booth to interview Nick Jaensch, our Executive Vice President, and find out more about how Everdays helps connect families to their community.

As Jaensch explained, Everdays offers a free alternative to other forms of communication that present their own sets of challenges: “We see a big issue with newspapers being seen as a little bit antiquated and costly, and Facebook is not always the most appropriate place to post.’”

Furthermore, the power of Everdays lies in its security, ease of use, and natural distribution model. “The way our system is set up, it’s really simple to walk through your contact book. A lot of times we hear from families saying, ‘We never would have thought of inviting that person’ or ‘I wouldn’t have thought to invite my college roommate’ as they go through their book to see who to invite,” said Jaensch. “It’s a great way to have the broadcast ease of virality, while at the same time you have control and privacy that nobody else can offer.”

Not only can families download the app on their own, but funeral homes are also able to offer Everdays to their families as a complimentary service. And because every announcement includes their home’s information and website, every share increases their web traffic and event attendance. With an 85% clickthrough rate on announcements, Everdays is already a highly effective way for families and homes to communicate memorial service information.

Watch Nick Jaensch’s interview with Gail Rubin below. For more information on Everdays, visit

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