Press-ReleaseHomes Can Now Publish to the Largest and Fastest-Growing Digital Network Dedicated to the Funeral Space — In Just One Click

Detroit, MI – March 16, 2017 — Everdays, Inc. (formerly Requiem) and Continental Computers, Inc. announced today the launch of a new partnership integrating the free Everdays notification service with The Smart Director™ — the industry’s leading funeral home management software.

Everdays is a free digital service that helps families quickly and securely notify important members of their community when a loved one passes away. This partnership gives funeral homes a true one-click, easy-to-use, direct integration with the Everdays platform to help them get the most from this revolutionary application. Most important, Continental Computers and Everdays have together arranged that there is no charge for the integration with The Smart Director™ customers.

“By publishing every case to Everdays, just like they publish every case to their website, The Smart Director™ customers will boost their mobile and online presence,” says Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays. “Everdays is the perfect complement to a funeral home’s website. And this partnership with Continental Computers affirms that Everdays is forging a new standard in digital communications for the industry.”

This direct integration fully automates the data transfer and sync process. Moreover, it simplifies the creation of announcements for funeral homes to hand-off to clients, enabling a family to broadcast the announcement to their community that much more quickly. And because every announcement includes a funeral home’s contact information and website, every share increases the home’s digital reach and footprint.

Wes Johnson, CEO of Continental Computers, states: “This is a really exciting opportunity for the industry at large. This partnership with Everdays is the first to truly, intimately connect the funeral professional with family and friends globally with a single click. I believe that together we have established the connection between business management and memorialization with the funeral home’s digital presence as a by-product. Finally, a win-win for the funeral profession.”

For more information on Everdays, please visit Everdays is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play stores. For more information on Continental Computers or The Smart Director™, please visit

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