When I reflect on the success of Requiem, I see that what began as a solution to an incredibly painful situation has grown into a life-affirming community. That journey has resulted in some important changes we are making that I’m excited to share with you today.

If you’re not familiar with my story, we created Requiem to address an inescapable and common dilemma I encountered after the passing of my father two years ago. I thought I’d covered all the bases — newspaper obituary, Facebook posts, multiple calls and emails — but many people still fell through the cracks. The old ways of notifying friends and family failed me, adding undue stress to an already difficult period.

Requiem was my chance to solve this problem with a simple tool that collects and then rapidly broadcasts funeral information to those who need to know. I quickly learned that funeral homes and their client families had long been looking for a utility that streamlined the communication process around losing a loved one. But the rapid adoption of Requiem by younger people, who were increasingly taking on this crucial responsibility, was what truly opened my eyes.

These users wanted a one-stop mobile solution that fit the fast-paced digital world we live in today. They were seeking community during an important life moment — but social media was inappropriate, and printed obituaries were antiquated and ineffective. Requiem met these needs and filled a gap in the market, all while saving families money to spend on truly meaningful services.

There was one piece missing, however. Though a large number of younger people were quickly embracing our product, many found its name heavy and somber. Most of these millennials and Gen Xers were experiencing loss for the first time, and “Requiem” was too death-oriented a notion during an already painful occasion. This revelation led me to reconsider our product’s name to better align it with our real mission.

blog-formerly-img-1Our new name, “Everdays,” supports that mission: to be the funeral industry’s partner in making their services more approachable, accessible, and welcoming to all people — especially younger generations. Everdays gives them hope and comfort by putting the focus on celebrating life and sharing memories, which are at the heart of any community.

Everdays is the largest and fastest-growing mobile platform dedicated to the funeral space. By publishing every case to Everdays, our client homes see better brand awareness, greater digital exposure, and more high-volume traffic back to their websites. Everdays is also unlike any other notification method in that it has the viral ability to attract greater attendance at funeral services, particularly among a younger demographic.

We continue to do this all for free for funeral homes and families, who have already experienced the immediate benefits that Everdays offers.

So on behalf of my whole team, thank you for everyone’s help in this process. I’m proud of how far we’ve come, but I’m even more excited for our future as Everdays.

– Mark Alhermizi

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