Scott Vice is the founder of the website Lessons on Leaving: Your Complete Guide to Funerals. He is also the founder of AdVice Funeral Consultants and has been a Certified Funeral Consultant since 2011. He is a former funeral director, deputy coroner and pastor. Scott is currently a volunteer Chaplain for a local police department and has been a certified Grief Counselor since 2000.

Scott believes that you should be in control of the funeral that you will be arranging. That means that you will experience less stress, spend less money and be empowered to decide every detail of the funeral process.  

He also did a great (totally not biased) vlog reviewing Requiem to share with his subscribers:

“It is indeed a horrible to feeling to find out that a person you cared about had passed away and you were never notified. Be sure to notify everyone you possibly can and never miss a notification again by downloading the app Requiem on your smart phone.”


Posted by: Katie Wallace, Manager, Client Relations-Everdays


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