Is there a prescribed etiquette for notifying people of a death in the age of technology? As I Googled for the answer, I came across a common dilemma: How does one inform non-local friends of a loved one’s passing. The usual way for local friends is a notice in the paper and word of mouth around town (which, in reality, is not all that reliable). Is it acceptable to use email, Text, Facebook, Tweet, or even post information about a death on Instagram?

As technology advances faster than social graces, what is the right thing to do?  I’ve been pondering this dilemma. The last death notification I received came via email. It got the job done but was a little impersonal. Plus, I’m really bad at checking my email regularly and was fortunate to catch it. Although a personal phone call seems like the best option, it is time consuming, emotionally draining, and unnecessary in the age of technology. Does anyone really call about anything anymore? In fact, is it common for people to even answer their cell phones? If one does call, then there must be a pen and paper on hand to write down the information regarding funeral arrangements. Again, it seems so outdated.

And then on the other hand, social media seems completely inappropriate. How do I post a picture along with funeral arrangements for dear Uncle Al next to the pictures of the party I attended last Saturday. I believe in celebrating death, but not next to me with a beer in my hand taking a selfie with my besties. The two don’t belong together. The feeling is just “yucky” for lack of a better word. I’m not an expert, but I believe death should stay in a category by itself.

It only made sense to develop an app for death notification: Everdays.  Yes, there is one app available on death named Everdays. It is limited to death and only death. No mixing Sam’s 6th birthday with great-grandma’s passing. Everdays allows a client to tastefully notify the contacts listed in his or her phone about a loved one’s death, receive funeral arrangements plus map (bonus), create a memorial page, contribute to a charity, and even order flowers. This app is not only convenient for the family, but assists friends, family, and associates in getting the information they need in one easy click.

Whether local or far away, Everdays can easily notify everyone of a passing. So in the age of technology, of course the the solution is technology, just not what is out there now..


Khal Hanna

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