At the age of 29, I lost both my grandfather and cousin within one month of each other. I remember thinking how difficult it would be to find the strength to not only plan a funeral, but retell the agonizing story of loss over and over again as I notified friends, family, and acquaintances of their passing. You see, the loss of my loved ones occurred before the internet and cellphones were everyday tools. I’m middle aged now, and my parents have reached the age where death is no longer a far off occurrence but a reality of life. It will be me in charge of planning the funeral; notifying friends, family and associates; creating picture and video memorials; and deciding to whom donations should be given.

Honestly, maybe it is the fear of death due to the youth driven culture we preside in, but I dread talking about death, let alone planning for one.

With the advancement of technology and ease of communication, I thought, “There must be a way to make part of the process easier on families.”

I discovered Requiem. Requiem is an app that will enable me and my family to easily notify everyone in our contact lists of our family member’s passing. In addition, it will provide my contacts with funeral information that includes maps to the funeral home, church, cemetery, and luncheon facility. It will even allow individuals to donate funds directly to a charity. Here is the really cool aspect of the app – I can create a memorial for my loved one using pictures directly from my phone and, as one of the “guardians” of the memorial, I am able to invite others to add their own pictures or kind words while ensuring it is all done respectfully.

For me, Requiem will make a difficult time manageable and much less stressful. And, most importantly, I can be assured that all of my friends, extended family members, and associates will be able to share in a wonderful end-of-life celebration now and forever.



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